Are you struggling in managing your Suppliers?

When you have many suppliers to deal with then it becomes a bit difficult to manage them if you don’t have a proper Supplier Management System (SMS) in place and it doesn’t cost a fortune to set up a good SMS. All you need to do is get in touch now.

How we do it?

When we come on board the first thing we will do is check your requirements. When we have accessed it we will set up a proper Supplier Management System and most of the times we can set it up, so that most of the things can be done on the go, that means you or your admin don’t even need to open your computer. I.e. you can do it on the go from your mobile. Invoices are processed in the following way,

  • 2. INVOICE RECEIVED (Automated)
  • 3. INVOICE PROCESSED (By SBBookkeeping)
  • 4. PAYMENT PROCESSED (By SBBookkeeping)
  • 5. PAYMENT APPROVED (By Client)

Some of these steps can be Automated and you will not have to spend time in managing it and we can either do it all or Part depending on how much time you want to spend.

Some of the Benefits to using a BAS Agent at SB Bookkeeping,

  • 1. Bills are paid on time,
  • 2. Up to date Cash Flow,
  • 3. More time for your Business,
  • 4. No more calls from Suppliers,
  • 5. Payment Frequency that suits your Business,
  • 6. Always stay up to date with your Accounts Payables,
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    Cameron Gessner