Difference Between Average and Good Bookkeeper

I am often asked what is the difference between a Good Bookkeeper and an Average Bookkeeper, the following are only few of the many Things that differentiate a Great Bookkeeper from an Average Bookkeeper,

1) Reconciliations: In the Reconciliations of a Great Bookkeeper you will never find a transaction in the Reconciliation to the point where it was last Reconciled other than Outstanding Cheques and some other transactions,

2) Balance Sheet Reviewal: A Good Bookkeeper will always review the Balance Sheet for any mistakes and incorrect Recording and the Balance Sheet will show the Correct Picture of the Business Assets and Liabilities,

3) Audit of the Data: A Good Bookkeeper will always perform the Audit of the Transactions entered to make sure that there were no mistakes that will affect the Accounts materially,

4) BAS Clearing: While lodging the BAS it is very Important that a proper Clearing of the GST and PAYG account is performed to make sure that the Balance Sheet is a Good Representation of the Business,

5) Filing: A proper Filing is maintained by a Good Bookkeeper where your Invoices are attached with the transactions for a proper Audit Trail.

These above mentioned points are only few of the Many things done by Good Bookkeepers that differentiates them from the Average Bookkeepers. We Specialise in Online/Cloud Bookkeeping in Perth. Get in touch to know how we can turn your Average Bookkeeping into a Super Bookkeeping.