How Much Value is Added by a Good Bookkeeper

Having a great Bookkeeper adds a lot of Value to your Business and is an asset to your Business. As until you have a Bookkeeper who can do you Books perfectly how would you know about the results of your Business, how would you know the 000’s you have spent on Advertising worked or not? So a Good Bookkeeper in Perth is a real asset to your Business.

When it comes to management of your Accounting/Bookkeeping it’s not all about just keeping ATO away though it is a part of it. It’s about making sure you understand the numbers in your Business, you understand which Customer/Client is worth how much to you, you need to understand which months of the year you have Cash Flow Problems, you need to budget for your Numbers well so you know well in advance about the numbers in your Business.

By having a great Bookkeeper, he/she will make sure that you understand the numbers in your Business that you can take decisions about your Business which will help you grow your Business. The following are few of the many ways in which a Good Bookkeeper can add Value to your Business,

1) Keeping everything Upto Date: I can’t emphasise enough that how important it is to make sure that your Books are up to date as nothing can efficiently runs in a business until you have a proper Books as it is like sitting in a boat and you want to go to USA but not checking that whether you are on track or not. As there should be a tracking measure in every Business otherwise it is hard to grow the Business and that’s where a Good Bookkeeper will help by having your Accounts up to date,

2) Understanding the Numbers: A Good Bookkeeper will make sure that you understand the numbers in your Business, so a Good Bookkeeper should be able to prepare set of Reports for you to look at, at the end of any period (weekly/fortnightly/monthly/quarterly). As until you have a look at the reports it’s hard to know about the profitability of the Business as the money in the Bank Account does not give true picture of the Business. i.e. even if you are making profits the money may not be in Companies Bank Account, with small Business the main reason behind this is because of the personal Use.

3) Understading your CashFlow: It is the job of the Bookkeeper to make sure that you understand the Cash Flow needs of your Business. As most of the businesses at some point have problem with their cash flows and it is very important to understand the trend of it so that you are prepare for it and can take the required steps to correct it.

4) Budgeting: This is another part of the Service of a Good Bookkeeper which is Vital to your Business and thus adds Value to your Business. A good bookkeeper understand that it is very important for any Business to have the proper Budgeting done for any Business as having a good Budget will help you understand your Requirements of the funds and thus helps you to understand how much you should spend on which section of the Business, i.e. on Advertising.

So the above mentioned are the only few of the many Services of a Good Bookkeeper that adds a lot of value to your Business and make a Good Bookkeeper an asset to your Business,

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