How to Find a Good Bookkeeper

To start with it is difficult to find a Good Bookkeeper or a Good Bookkeeping Company in Perth. But on a positive note since 2012 it has become illegal for anyone to do a course on Xero or MYOB and start providing Bookkeeping Services which is a relief for Small Businesses as there are not a lot of unqualified Bookkeepers around as they used to be. As from 2012 a bookkeeper is required to have at least 2 years of Experience in the Industry and must be registered with Tax Practitioner Board and must carry minimum required Insurances.

If I am a business owner then I would want to have the Bookkeeper Experienced as they play a vital role in the Business and a Good Bookkeeper can add a lot of Value in the business.

The Following are the Must Have requirements to become a Good Bookkeeper,

1) Education and Training: A Good Bookkeeper must have all the Education and Training required for the Bookkeeping as it is a complex field a small course in Bookkeeping is often not enough to provide a quality Bookkeeping Service. When we hire someone in our Bookkeeping Practise then the minimum we look for is Cert 4 to make sure that the person understand Debits and Credits of Accounting as it is Vital in the Process of Bookkeeping.

2) Experience: The next must have requirement of a Good Bookkeeper is to have enough experience in the Bookkeeping. Over the years we have helped a good number of Businesses from Bookkeeping Disasters as their previous Bookkeeper didn’t have enough Experience in doing Bookkeeping, One of the most common mistake done by Business Owners while hiring a Bookkeeper is by their Prices i.e. looking for a cheaper Price while looking for a Bookkeeper. Which costs a lot in the Longer Run as the work of the Cheaper Bookkeeper needs to be fixed by someone.

3) Care for Business: Great Bookkeepers care for their Clients, they care for the numbers of their clients like they do for their own Books. They know how important it is for you to understand the numbers in your Business as no important decision about the business can be taken without knowing the numbers in the Business. So a Good Bookkeeper will sit with you explain the numbers in details so you understand your Business,

4) They Ask Questions: Good Bookkeepers ask questions to their Clients, they just don’t enter the numbers in the Accounting Softwares by assuming the things, whenever they are in doubt they should ask you questions. We have been helping Small Businesses since 2008 and it has never happen where didn’t ask questions to clients as it is Vital for the quality of the Bookkeeping,

5) System: Good Bookkeepers are System people, as we all will agree that nothing can be achieved in life if we do not have proper systems in place. Good Bookkeepers will first of all set up all the good system in their Client’s bookkeeping so that time can be saved and work can be done efficiently, I don’t remember when we picked up a client and there was nothing that had to be done to bring efficiency in the Bookkeeping.

6) Confidential and Reliable: Good Bookkeepers are Confidential and reliable, they are the people you can trust and it is very important to have someone taking care of your numbers who you can trust. When we get a client on board we sign a Confidential Undertaking that shows that we are fully confidential and do care for the Information gained during the course of Bookkeeping.

The above mentioned are only few of the many requirements a Good Bookkeeper must have. We have been helping Small Businesses in Perth for their Bookkeeping. If you are looking for a Great Bookkeeper then get in touch with us.