The Invention of Cloud Bookkeeping and its Benefits

As we all know the role of a Bookkeeper in an organisation has totally changed in the last 10 years and it is an eye opener that what has been the job of a Bookkeeper from 1000s of years has been transformed in a decade or so. Having said that today’s Bookkeeper are more professional than ever before. As in today’s environment a Good Bookkeeper will add value to the Client’s Business by making sure that his Clients understand their Business Bookkeeping and the Details of the numbers of the organisation.

These days it’s not about just the Data Entry in the Business and Bookkeeping is much more than that. Bookkeeping is not only about making sure that the Client is fully Compliant but also that the client understand their Business Bookkeeping and that client is fully aware of the Business’s performance.

Today more of the time should be spent in setting up the things correctly for the client and making sure that monthly preparation of the Accounts is done and is well communicated to the Client. So the role of the Bookkeeper has changed from someone Doing data Entry to the Someone who adds Value to the Business by making sure the Business has got the best Systems in place for the Automation.

At SB Bookkeeping we make sure the use of the best Accounting Software based on the Client’s needs and we embrace technology as it can transform the Business. Some of the benefits of Cloud Bookkeeping,

  • 1. Up to Date Records,
  • 2. Accessibly from anywhere,
  • 3. No Backups required,
  • 4. Automatic Updates,
  • 5. Easy to Use,

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