Last year Xero introduced Xero Invoice Reminders, this will definitely be a winner for Small Businesses as it will surely improve the Cash Flow of many Small/Medium Businesses that struggle with clients/Customer paying them on time. As we all know most of the time people pay their invoices once they receive a Reminder for their Invoice Due. Now you can set it up for any client in Xero. So as soon as an Invoice gets due Xero Automatically sends reminder to the Client advising them that an Invoice is Overdue if a payment is not applied in xero.
The Benefits of using this are,
1) Good Cash Flow: It does improves the cash flow of the Business as now Invoice Reminders are sent as soon as an Invoice is overdue Client Receives an email advising them about the Invoice Overdue status.
2) Time Saver: Since Clients receive an email as soon as an invoice is due, no more wasting time resending the Due Invoices to Clients which saves time,
3) Proper Debtor Management: Your Debts are managed properly as it automates some part of Debt Management,
4) Upto Date Debtors: To make this work you need to make sure as soon as a payment is received in Xero it is applied to the correct Invoice. So if done correctly it keeps your Debts upto date.

There are few things required for this to work and if done correctly can lead to some great benefits to the Small Business Owner. A Professional Bookkeeper should be able to help with this. We Specialise in Cloud Bookkeeping and happy to work with you on this, Contact Us Now.