Debtor Management

Are you struggling in getting paid from your Clients?

Having a proper Debtor Management System (DMS) is very important for your Cash Flow as you need to get paid first to pay your Employees/Suppliers. Our Experience tells us that most of the time it is just a matter of follow up call to the Customers to get paid and we can do this for you so that you can concentrate on your Business rather than calling your customer(s) which may not be ideal for you, as if you have someone else doing it for you then it is better for your relationship with your clients as well as your Cash flow,

Automated Debtor Management

Yes an Automated Debtor Management is also possible these days. All we need to do is carefully set this up and once done Automated emails can be generated by the system when an Invoice is Overdue for a pre-specified number of days.
It doesn’t cost a fortune to set this up, all you need to do it, get in touch now.

Some of the Benefits of using SB Bookkeeping Services,

  • 1. Great Cash Flow,
  • 2. Getting paid on time,
  • 3. Affordable Solution for you,
  • 4. Better Relationship with Clients,
  • 5. We are Very Polite when doing the follow up calls,

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