Initial Bookkeeping Process

The Process

The Process

Getting to know you and your Business

The first step we will take after having you on board is to, get to know you and your Business well, as we believe every business is a bit different even in the same industry. Once we know enough about your Business then this will lead us to our next step,

Assessing your Bookkeeping System

9 out of 10 Clients we take over have some sort of improvement required in their bookkeeping system, with years of experience in providing Bookkeeping Services in Perth we have got different systems in place that works for our clients in different industries and having those systems in place we ensure that the Bookkeeping is not only cost effective but also accurate everytime and readily available for all the Management Decisions to run the business.

Teaming up with your Accountant

Every Accountant have their own way of doing the same thing. so Once we have accessed your Business Bookkeeping requirements we will get in touch with your Accountant to know in what way he/she would like to have the bookwork prepared so that they are not spending a lot of time in getting reports their way. Since the inception of our business by having this step in our Bookkeeping Setup process we have managed to save our 10’s of clients 000’s on their Accountant’s bill. This way everyone is happy, as your Accountants can perform their duties efficiently, you are happy because of 000’s saved and we are happy because we could make everyone happy, So WIN WIN for everyone.

Leaving it on us

So finally we have all the systems that are required are in place, now it’s the time for you to sit back & relax and manage your Business which you are good at rather than worrying about your Business Bookkeeping and we will take care of the rest and produce all the Management Reports that are vital for your Decision making and we will also manage the Cash Flow.

So why not get in touch with us now and get a FREE CONSULTATION.

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